December Estate Message

Security upgrades

Camera surveillance in Oude Westhof has been further upgraded with a new higher quality LPR (number plate recognition) camera and a new wide overview CCTV camera at the Selborne Street entrance to Oude Westhof.

The new LPR camera is more sensitive and recognises number plates at a further distance than the previous camera, while the wide overview CCTV camera gives a clear picture of anything entering our neighbourhood.

Another new LPR and overview CCTV camera has been erected at the strategic Shiraz, Pinotage, Blanc de Noir, crossing.  This will enable our security monitors to follow vehicles after they have entered the Oude Westhof suburb as well as monitor the public open park space.

Floodlight poles are currently being planted at the back fence to upgrade security against people entering Oude Westhof from the adjoining farmlands and Nature Reserve.  These floodlights will shine towards the nature reserve and be activated whenever somebody tampers with the fence.

The electrical back fence has also been upgraded with more ground loops to further improve security.  The fence was breached a while back by burglars and it was decided to add the extra ground loops. This will make it impossible to cut and penetrate the fence without warning systems going off.

New management in The Valley

A new management body to streamline management services and security in the Valley is in the final planning stages.

It will take the form of a Non-Profit Company (NPC), legally constituted, to facilitate and provide Community-based Private Urban Management for the Valley.  It will incorporate Protea Valley, Van Riebeeckshof, Oude Westhof, Kanonberg, Welgedacht, Amandel Close, Klein Welgemoed 1 & 2, Fynbos Close, Valleizicht, Klein D’Aria and Vineyard Office Park.

Apart from playing a major coordination role, the Valley NPC will have at its disposal its own dedicated resources that can be focused on local priorities, enabling an appropriate response to local problems and to provide top-up municipal services where necessary.

The process is being driven by the The Valley Committee which consists of representatives of the different areas in the Valley.   The concept and cost implications were explained to all the home owners associations and governing bodies in our area. The idea was positively received by all of them.

A document which explains the concept in detail will be distributed. The final decision to participate will be tested with our members on the 2019 AGM.

After the rains – so much to be thankful for

Shopping development still delayed

The upgrading of the Van Riebeeckshof Shopping Centre which will include a new branch of Woolworths, can start as soon as April 2019.

Mr Deon Oosthuizen, Property Manager of the Vukile Property Fund, says the dispute over parking has largely been resolved and they expect SPAR to soon withdraw its objection to the development.

To satisfy all parties, the plans had to be adapted to retain the parking space at the entrance to the centre.  The new Woolworths branch will now be accommodated at the back of the centre where the pharmacy is currently situated.   The pharmacy will be moved to the front area near the ABSA ATM.

Fifteen parking spaces will be lost in the process but employees at the centre will move their vehicles to the parking space next to the church.  This in return will free up more than 30 parking spaces.

Oude Westhof se slange

Ons pragtige omgewing is die tuiste van heelwat uiters giftige slange.    Dié slange is aktief in die somermaande en die kanse om een in die natuurtuin,  groen areas of selfs in jou tuin raak te loop, is goed.

Mnr. Deon Johann Oosthuizen van Tygerberg Snake Rescue, het ‘n nuttige gids oor slange in ons omgewing opgestel.  Dit gee raad oor hoe om op te tree as jy een teëkom en wanneer jy of iemand by jou gepik word.

Dodelike slange soos die Kaapse Cobra, Pofadder, Boomslange en die “Cape Coral”, is redelik volop in ons area.  Die bruin huisslang, Eier-eter, Slak-eter en ander lyk ook dodelik maar is glad nie gevaarlik nie.

Hy waarsku dat dit noodsaaklik is om onmiddellik mediese hulp te kry as jy deur ‘n slang gebyt word.  Volg die volgende stappe:   Soek mediese hulp, hou die pasiënt stil, moet nooit ’n toerniket gebruik nie en bel die Tygerberg-gifsentrum by 0861 555 777 en volg hulle instruksies.

Johann sal sy oulike gids met nuttige inligting en kleurfotos (in Engels) per epos aanstuur as jy hom kontak.  Sy epos is of Whatsapp – 0723544221.  Kyk ook op Facebook op “Naked-Eye Ecology”.

Early morning reflections in our dam

Gamay Street subdivision

A revised application for the planned residential development in Gamay Street will be finalised and advertised in the near future.  The new application will be for the consolidation of two existing erven on the corner with Van Riebeeckshof road and subdividing it into four single residential erven of not less than 700sqm and does not include any zoning amendments to remain residential.

After a process of consultation with the Trustees the developers are making adjustments to their original Council approved plans of building 21 units down to four houses only to bring the new development in line with the character of Oude Westhof.  The new plans will be available for scrutiny and inputs by members as part of the normal public participation process by Developers before the Municipality can approve the application.

Safety during the holiday

ADT will be on duty and guarding your property when many of us are away during the coming holidays. They offer the following safety tips:


  • Travel with car doors locked and windows closed
  • If you think you’re being followed, drive to the nearest police station
  • Leave room between your car and the one in front to avoid being boxed in
  • Attract the attention of other drivers or pedestrians if you think you’re in danger. Hoot, flash your lights, put on the emergency lights or shout
  • Be aware of people approaching your car or loitering near the traffic lights and stop signs


  • Don’t stop at the scene of an incident unless you are sure it is genuine
  • Don’t stop if a passer-by indicates that, for example, you have a flat tyre or other defect. Drive to a service station or safe area and check it there
  • Don’t leave your car door open and the engine running while opening garages or gates


  • Ensure your alarm is working 100% a few days before your departure and make sure that that is has battery back up. Otherwise it won’t work during load shedding.
  • Ensure that there is a key holder that can be contacted while you are away

Proud as a peacock. A beautiful new resident in Oude Westhof.

Van Riebeeckshofweg mooigemaak

Die middelmannetjie en sypaadjies langs Van Riebeecshofweg word nou skoongemaak.  Die werk word gedoen deur kontrakteurs wat deur die munispaliteit aangestel is.  Dié skoonmaakwerk word deur die Valleikomitee gekoördineer.

Oude Westhof Website and Facebook page

Our website can be found at  It is open to all members.  If you are a property owner in Oude Westhof you are automatically a member.

The website contains everything you need to know about Oude Westhof, including our Constitution, all rules and regulations and building guidelines.  To log in, simply use the word member as username with the password, member123.

There is also a member page on Facebook for Oude Westhof Neighbourhood and members are encouraged to join and like and partake in the e-community happenings.

Egytian geese babies at the Riesling Dam

Crowbar gang arrested in Jip de Jager

The police arrested five suspected burglars when LPR cameras in Welgemoed picked up a white Toyota Avanza connected to housebreak and theft.

ADT operator Samantha Fivaz immediately notified the police.  The cameras indicated that the car was on its way in the direction of Van Riebeeckshof and Oude Westhof.  Police stopped the car in Jip de Jager Street. The suspects were apprehended and various stolen items and a crowbar was found in the car.

Cameras in Majik Forest subsidised

Monitoring of the Majik Forest area by new safety cameras are now partly subsidised by a monthly contribution of the Oude Westhof Home Owners Association.  These cameras plays a vital role in maintaining safety in this area which is used by many of our residents.

The two cameras were donated by the city council and the monitoring and armed response services linked to the cameras are provided by the CNI security company.   All home owners associations in the area contribute to keep the cameras operating.   The process is coordinated by the Valley Committee.


Spoedbeheer is onlangs deur die verkeersdepartement in Oude Westhof gedoen.  Spoedkameras is naby die ou murasie in Riesling-park gebruik en talle motoriste wat hier te vinnig in Van Riebeeckshofweg gery het, het hul rieme styfgeloop.   Dié oefening gaan moontlik in Rieslingstraat herhaal word.

A spotted Dikkop couple has decided that the sidewalk in Chenin Blanc Street is the perfect place to hatch their eggs. Mr. A Hanefey, owner of the house had to put up a sign to warn people to slow down.

Mrs Dikkop has decided this stony sidewalk is the perfect place to hatch her eggs.

Mr Dikkop on guard duty

Load shedding

It seems that load shedding will again be with us for the foreseeable future. If you consider installing a backup generator, please note that specific rules for inhalation and usage is prescribed in chapter six of our guidelines. You can get the full guidelines on our website:

Best wishes

Best wishes to all our Oude Westhof residents.  You are the people that make Oude Westhof such a special place to live in. May you all enjoy a well deserved rest with your families over the festive season. We wish you a peaceful and safe holiday.

Useful contact information

  • Oude Westhof Homeowners Association 021-943 4340
  • ADT dedicated security vehicle 078 802 2250
  • ADT emergencies 086 12 12 301
  • ADT control room 086 12 12 300
  • Bellville Police 021-918 3000

Contributions for newsletter

Please contribute to our newsletter. Contributions and photos may be emailed to Emile Terblanche at or phone me tel. 083 4001 954.

Oude Westhof morning sky